Zumba in a mine - 500 m down under

The Zumba-Highlight 2018! One of the best Zumba fitness events worldwide and the only event under the surface. We will learn from the first year and make 2018 better then the world premiere. On stage: ZES Kass Martin, ZES Steve Boedt, ZES Mylgia van Uytrecht, ZES Jaromir Cremers, ZJ Roland Schmid, ZJ Yuliyan Vasilev, ZIN Jon Martin, Youtube-Superstar and ZIN Dovydas Veiverys and ZIN Sandra Kretzing.


After 2017 when first time ever a Zumba Event took place down under. 500 m under the earth in a mine in Merkers (Germany) with the Zumba-stars ZES Steve Boedt and the Zumba-Jammer Claudia Seidel, Roland Schmid, Yuliyan Vasilev and Patrick Reischmann. Special guest was ZIN Jon Martin, Fanny Madarasz and Julie Weinands. This "Once-in-a-lifetime"-Event takes Zumba to a new dimension. The combination of top-class presenters together with a fantastic location offers a perfect condition for a memorable event.

Go down with the elevator 90 seconds down in the world of the salt mine Merkers, move up to the seats of the loading area of the trucks and enjoy the trip through the labyrinth of the down underground road network. After a few Kilometers you will reach the large bunker of the mine with a professional stage, where the stars of Germanys Pop Idol performed in 2016 as well as many artists.
On this day the world down under is under control of Zumba- and Fitness-enthusiastics, with fun, sport and adventure in an extraordinary combination. Headed by Zumba-World star Steve Boedt and Kass Martin they turn together with all the other international and national Zumba stars the mine into a Zumba-Stronghold.


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Due to the extraordinary event location the tickets are extremely limited. Therefore it is important to save one of the highly-desired tickets in time, to be part of the show. Tickets are available for 69 € via E-Mail: Party@Sandra-Kretzing.de. Included in the Price is the ticket to the mine (regular Price 26 Euro/Person), 3 hours high-quality sport with international and national stars, an attractive Zumba-Shop with a wide range of clothes and an incomparable memory.

In the middle of Germany in Merkers you'll find the unique location down under in the mine:

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